What we do

Thesis Proofreading Details

Grammar, punctuation, syntax and word use

Good academic writing is much more than putting commas in the right places. Proper academic style includes good grammar, but in addition, the right choice of words makes your writing more persuasive and professional. Proofreading for grammar includes fixing subject-verb agreement, recognizing and fixing misplaced modifiers, and other errors that affect the meaning of your sentences. Proofreading for syntax includes identifying errors or anomalies in word order that affect readability or which reflect non-native English constructions. Incorrect word use is often overlooked by spell checkers and automated grammar checkers; however, a professional proofreader will spot errors such as “magnet” for “magnate” or “probably” for “probability.” These errors are often introduced by automatic spellcheck corrections as you write.

Flow, logic, sentence structure, and paragraph structure

Our service is more than simply proofreading your thesis. We will edit your thesis to improve the writing, structure and flow of every paragraph. Writing should be concise and persuasive. During the process of composition, writers often unintentionally introduce repetitive phrases that provide no new content. The job of the editor is to catch problems that affect flow. We will eliminate repetitions and ensure that transitions are properly constructed, using the appropriate transition words to facilitate the flow of logic.

ESL writing

Writing in English can be a challenge, even for people who have had a lot of education in English. Sometimes even well-written passages need editing. However, we do not charge extra for ESL writers.

Reference styles

Citations are a key part of academic writing. We have expertise in APA, MLA, Chicago and other styles. We will review both in-text citations and your reference pages to ensure the references are formatted in the correct reference style.