APA running heads and pagination


APA Format DocumentAPA requires a running head at the top of each page. On the first page of the essay (the cover page) the running head begins with the words “Running Head:” followed by the actual running head. The running head is a shortened version of the title of the essay. It has to be shortened enough to fit on one line.

All the other pages in the essay have the running head, without the words “Running Head:”.

The way to have a different running head on the first page is to use the Document… option in the Format menu. Set up the document option as “Different first page.” After you do this, you can create your running head on the cover, followed
by the running head on the second page, which will be automatically repeated on every other page of the document.

APA Format running head

Sometimes a thesis requires a different page numbering system on the first few pages of a document. A thesis may have: cover page, abstract, acknowledgments, table of contents, table of figures, and then the first page. Set up the document as stated with “Different first page.” Then create your page numbers using roman numerals. After the table of figures, insert a section break, and use the option “From this point forward.”




APA format section break Then you will need to create a new running head matching the head on page 2, but when you insert page numbers, do not select “Continue from previous section”; instead choose “Start at” and put a 1 into the box, to start a new numbering sequence.


APA start new page number Click here to upload a file with page numbers and running heads already set up.

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